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For Hydroprocessing Catalyst In-situ Sulfiding

Ni/Mo, CoMo, or Ni/W catalyst (used in hydro-processing) must be pre-sulphided before use in order to achieve the greatest activity. The purpose of catalyst sulfiding is to convert such catalyst’s metal promoter from oxides to sulfides, which is the most active form.

AquaChemie provides quality catalyst Sulfiding/Activation services (“CatSulf”), using DMDS. We have a highly specialized skid and team to provide this service. We have worked on many Hydrocracker and Hydrotreater catalyst sulfiding projects for UOP, CLARIANT, ART-CLG, and Criterion. 

Our key differentiation of the skid & manpower compared to our competitors are:

  • Two fully equipped skids for 4 simultaneous catalyst Sulfiding Jobs. Each Skid has 3 pumps, we set aside 1 or 2 pumps as spares based on the number of them needed in an operation (for simultaneous Sulfiding).
    High-quality diaphragm pumps without seals to deliver steady flow from 50 kg/h to 8 500 kg/h. Even more flow is possible by utilising two parallel pumps or raising the suction pressure with N2. Our pumps have a discharge pressure range that goes up to about 12 bar.
  • Highly skilled and nearby (in KSA) manpower is essential for safety and operation. We are aware of potential schedule changes and delays at practically every catalyst sulfuring location and Local manpower enables us to be adaptable them.
    In addition to more manpower, working in two shifts enables us to offer coverage for Sulfiding through the day.

Skid Features

Line pressure protection with right setting of the PRV, at the pump discharge.

Line pressure protection with right setting of the PRV, at the pump discharge.

Motor - Suitable for Class 1, Div. 2, Explosion Proof

Motor - Suitable for Class 1, Div. 2, Explosion Proof

Pump with VFD – Change pump flow rate by digitally changing the frequency. Flow rate can be changed (increased or decreased) directly from one set point to another.

Pump with VFD – Change pump flow rate by digitally changing the frequency. Flow rate can be changed (increased or decreased) directly from one set point to another.

Skid Buffer Tank (2000 Litre capacity), to smoothly change over ISO tanks during injection.

Isolation valves and other fittings configuration to change over easily from one pump to another.

Dry coupling connection during ISO tank changeover to prevent any DMDS spillage, and ultimate disconnection.

We perform the sulfiding according to the instructions of the customer’s process/operations team and the catalyst manufacturer. There are several nuances and best practices to bear in mind during the process. We are knowledgeable of these and adhere to the processes defined by the industry meticulously.

Our internal protocols and driver for catalyst sulfiding jobs can be briefly summarized as:

  • 100% reliability of ALL injection equipment
  • Highly accurate accounting and measurement of DMDS injection rates
  • Special attention to safety and environment
  • Comprehensive reporting after Sulfiding operation

Vendor Managed Inventory, Warehousing & Logistics

Several companies are increasingly looking at outsourcing the complete supplier interaction, in-sourcing logistics, border formalities and warehousing. Save on inventory costs by stocking at an AquaChemie facility, close to the customer site.

Just the consumption pattern and overall demand prediction would be needed for planning, and then call-off instructions to supply the product within hours.

Project Staffing, Process Monitoring & Analytical Services

AquaChemie has experienced professionals for the process industry and utility plants. Additionally, our lab technicians and service experts provide field services and analytical assistance to maintain and monitor your process. AquaChemie can source such professionals on a temporary or permanent basis.

Specialty Product Monitoring & Administration

For specialty chemicals, the product comes with a variety of services, depending on what the customer needs. These services include providing dosing skids, maintaining proper chemical dosage rates, monitoring sites and programs in accordance with treatment goals, managing the site’s chemical inventory, and holding review meetings and discussions.

Repackaging - Filling, Labelling, Palletizing

We can help suppliers repackage their bulk freight into drums, IBCs, pails, and other containers to make storage and warehousing easier.

AquaChemie is keen on taking on product agency work for large manufacturers of goods. Under this arrangement, we buy the goods in bulk, repackage, label, and palletize them, then offer them in smaller packaging, typically for delivery in containers.

Know more about our Aquachemie Terminal

Waste Disposal

AquaChemie closely works with several approved waste disposal companies locally in each of the GCC countries. These could include chemical waste from expired processes, by-product streams, and off-spec materials. We also recommend the best technical and economically beneficial choice for disposal or recycling.

Manufacturing and Toll Blending

Customers are increasingly interested in products or blends that have been diluted with water or a hydrocarbon solvent to a certain product strength. Pre-mixed or diluted items are easier to use because they remove or simplify steps in the production process, boost output, and are helpful when handling solid or pure materials results in increased pollution or dust hazard.

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