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We collaborate with top producers of Performance Chemicals for the Fertilizer Industry. We manufacture every product for the GCC and neighboring nations in the AquaChemie KSA manufacturing facility.

Here is a list of our offerings for the Fertilizer chemical industry:

Anticaking Agent

Formulations of cationic and anionic anticaking agents are readily available for a range of granular and prilled fertilizer, including DAP, NPK, AN, ANP, CAN, and urea. These formulas are built to order based on the needs of the customer. We also offer a dosing system for anticaking agents to be applied continuously.

Anticaking Agent cum Coloring Agent

For granular fertilizer, we also have an anticaking cum coloring agent. The granular fertilizer gains an identifiable surface color thanks to this product. The product typically comes in dark hues like Red, Green, Brown, Blue, and so on.

Additionally, depending on the type of Water Soluble Fertilizers (WSF) created, both Cationic and Anionic forms are available.

The Anticaking Agent can be supplied in whatever hue the customer chooses, including Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, and Orange, among others.

After being applied to 100% WSF, the anticaking cum coloring agent gives a nice uniform color and anticaking property, improving the fertilizer’s keeping quality.

Granulating Aid

Our Granulating Aid is the perfect composition When mixed fertilizers are granulated using steam or water.

As a process additive, Granulating Aid helps the fertilizer industry in maintaining the caliber of its output. The product was created specifically to enhance the quality of all different types of granular fertilizers, including DAP, NPK, NP, CAN, and ANP.

Coloring Agents

DAP fertilizer is typically colored Black or Brown, and the entire granule must match that color. In order to achieve a consistent color shade, the coloring agent is added to create this type of black color. We provide both of these products.

Coloring Agents

DAP fertilizer is typically colored Black or Brown, and the entire granule must match that color. In order to achieve a consistent color shade, the coloring agent is added to create this type of black color. We provide both of these products.


We supply economically viable defoamers for both phosphoric acid and fertiliser plants. We provide both oil-based and surfactant-based defoamers.

Curing Aid for Single superphosphate (SSP)

Our Curing Aid is essentially a formulation based on surfactants. The substance aids in accelerating the reaction between Rock Phosphate and Sulphuric Acid by improving the penetration. The SSP fertilizer's curing period is shortened as a result.

Floatation Agent

We have Floatation Agents for both normal as well as reverse floatation. For effective enrichment of ore concentration, AquaChemie offers Floatation Agents, which are also surfactants that are anionic as well as cationic.

Grinding Aid

Our grinding aids are developed specifically for each type of ore based on its characteristics. They are surfactant-based and exhibit distinctive spreading characteristics on the ore surface during grinding.

It decreases the static charge generated in the ball mill as a result of friction and collisions from the steel balls, effectively increasing grinding output. For the grinding of coal and rock phosphate, we also provide grinding aids.

Dust Suppression Agent for Mine Roads

Big trucks are used to deliver the excavated ore to the ore crushing plant. When these trucks enter the mines, they produce enormous dust clouds that obstruct the road’s view for more than two to three hours.

Consequently, a tanker of water is dispatched ahead of these trucks before they enter the mine to sprinkle and dampen the dust. This water is blended with our dust suppression agent to effectively suppress dust.

Our product consists of a mixture of a surfactant that reduces dust and a binder that binds the reduced dust. Dust suppression is therefore quite effective. The product has been field-tested and is in use in several mines and also appropriate for coal mines.

Dust Suppression Agent for Ore Crushing Plant

In an ore crushing plant where the ore is crushed into tiny, fine particles, a lot of dust is produced.

To control the dust, we supply a Dust Suppression System with fogging nozzles. When the dust suppression agent is applied to the water, the water’s surface tension is reduced, thus suppressing the dust.

Urea Anticaking Agent

At any point where one belt changes over to another, urea anticaking agent is sprayed on the belt or on falling urea. Due to the Urea Anticaking Agent’s lack of direct contact with the conveyor belt, the spraying is done on the falling urea.

We propose coating urea twice To lower the amount of the urea anticaking agent at each place and improve the urea anticaking agent’s ability to adhere to urea.

Urea Melt Additive

A metering pump that regulates the dosing levels is used to directly inject urea melt additives into the urea melting tank at the top of the urea priming tower or the concentrated urea solution at the bottom of the urea plant at an appropriate point.

The dose level for the product is 0.1% weight-for-weight, or 1 kilogramme for every MT of urea produced. At room temperature, urea melt additive is a liquid and doesn’t need to be heated.