Subrato Saha, academically holds a Bachelor of Technology Degree (1989 Batch) in Chemical Engineering from Globally reputed "Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur". He was additionally groomed for higher corporate responsibilities through intensive Middle Management Program in "Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad". Has a total of around 20 years of experience with 14 years of Corporate Employment and 6 years in managing own business.

Has held responsible positions in companies set up with equity participation of select Fortune 100 companies viz. Shell, ExxonMobil, Sabic and General Electric. Last assignment (for 2 years till January 2007) in Dubai was as "Regional Technical Leader" for Middle East and Africa for GE infrastructure, in their Water & Process Technology division. In 4 years of business stint (before joining GE) worked as independent consultant in the field of Project and Production Management, Business Automation for Process Integration and Operation Research.

Simultaneously has managed an IT start-up with over 50 professionals, developing smart card based Loyalty & Customer validation applications for Retail & Banking Industry respectively.
Subrato is a team player with analytical approach and pleasant soft skills.
V Anandkumar, academically holds a Bachelor of Chemical Engineer from Annamalai University in Southern India. Has around 16 years of experience, out of which last 13 years were spent in GE Infrastructure, in their Water and Process Technology. Before coming to Dubai in February 2005, he was next to the Country Manager, heading and managing a large team, responsible for overall Sales and Service. In his last assignment in Dubai, he has been the Regional Marketing Leader for entire Europe, Middle East and Africa for products in Hydrocarbon Industry. Formally trained in GE's headquarters (Crotenville, USA), in a workshop for CEO's and Business Leaders, around the world. He has been a Go-Getter "Sales & Marketing" professional in his life. Although very objective and focused in his dealing, has always kept customer’s interest paramount in closing any sales cycle. “You do not sell anything to a customer, but just meet his requirement” is his guiding philosophy.

No wonder he is four times "Eagle Award" winner from GE, a very rare feat given to select professionals globally, for their Sales Excellence and Technical proficiency contribution to GE business.

Anand is positive, strategic and planned to seize any growth opportunity.